Long after his retirement as a rally driver, Jonathan Moi has been leading a largely private life until his death on Saturday in Nakuru. Mr Moi, the eldest son of retired President Daniel Moi, tried to capture Eldama Ravine seat in 2002 but lost to Musa Sirma.

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Longtime Press Secretary of Daniel Moi, Mr Lee Njiru, revealed about the death of the established rally driver, who also had interest in real estate and farming throughout his life on Saturday, saying the family would issue a comprehensive statement on Sunday.

“I have been asked by the Moi family to tell Kenyans to respect their privacy at this mourning period of their beloved kin,” said Mr Njiru.

Besides him, Mr Moi has other siblings, some who have never made any public appearance. They largely prefer a private life despite their father being president for a whopping 24 years.

Jennifer Moi is the eldest of all Moi children. Born in 1953, Jeniffer attended prestigious Kenya High School before moving to the US. After her education, she has been leading a private life and is said to have ventured into business.

For John Mark, he's considered as Moi's brightest child. Born in 1958, Mr Mark is said to have obtained an admission to Havard University before he was turned away. He is also said to have ventured into private business. Nothing much is known about him.

Doris Choge is Moi's second born daughter. She is a twin to Philip Moi, a former Army Major who is not a stranger to the public. June went to Limuru Girls and had a short stint in Australia. She also lives a quiet life and has established her own business empire.

And Mrs June Moi, Daniel Moi's favourite adopted daughter, leads a quiet life as well and she's said to be a successful business lady. She went to Kenya High School just like Jennifer and had stints in Canada. She is little known to the public.

Jonathan's other brothers are well known to the public. Mr Philip Moi has been having a tussle with his estranged wife Rosanna Pluda. Mr Philip was taken to the army due to his 'crookedness' and retired as a Major.

Gideon Moi is perhaps the most familiar son of the Moi's. He served as Baringo Central MP in 2002 to 2007. Since 2013, he has been serving as senator. He was born in 1964. Raymond Moi who was born in 1960, is the current Rongai MP. At some point, he was Vice Chair KCC.