Self-proclaimed prophet Dr David Owuor has a huge following in Nairobi’s Kibera and other areas.

He is loved for the miracles and the healing he allegedly performs.

He is also loved and equally hated for making prophecies some of which have shocked the world.

In Kibera, Dr Owuor's followers never miss his sermons and crusades whenever he is in town.

Owuor is said to have made prophecies in the country and beyond borders that came to pass.

Here are prophecies that Dr Owuor made and came to pass.

1. 2007/2008 post-election violence

Prophet Owour allegedly gave a prophecy of violence in Kenya months to the disputed 2007 presidential election that resulted to violence, destruction of property, displacement of communities and deaths.

Dr Owuor in his sermons said that he warned politicians against divisions that he said resulted to the post-election chaos.

There have been claims that Dr Owour called top politicians warning them of the impeding violence.

2. Haiti earthquake

In 2010, Owuor allegedly made a prophecy that a big earthquake would hit the island of Hispanol (Haiti) in the Dominican Republic.

Months after his prophecy, the earthquake struck killing over 200,000 people.

Owour denies that he only makes prophecies of bad things.

He says that his prophecies have no time limit and can take many years to occur.

Owuor has often rubbished claims of making fake miracles and prophecies.

He says that his agenda is to bring millions of people to God before the second coming of Christ which he says is coming soon.

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