Controversial gospel artist Ringtone Apoko recently attacked fellow artist Stivo Simple Boy over his latest gospel song.

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In a post on Instagram, Ringtone said; "There is this boy called Steve Simple Boy.. If you're going to sing gospel...You start by declaring if you support the gospel, if you're born again."

He was reacting to Simple Boy's latest song 'I lift you higher'. 

The song is about gratitude to God and was released earlier this week.

Ringtone also wanted gospel DJ's not to play the said song. 

"We have no shortage of gospel artistes..Steve Simple Boy not on your playlist," he said in part of his post

In an emotional instagram reply, the 'Mihadarati' hit-maker however reminded Ringtone of the hardships he has gone through in slums.

 "Nimetoka mbali na naenda mbali kwa maana Mungu wangu ni mkuu kuliko binadamu yeyote hapa duniani. Sina hate kwa @ringtoneapoko Ila usimdharau binadamu yeyote maanake hujui kesho ndiye atakusaidia. Nimetoka mtaa mgumu sana kibera, sidhani unajua makali ya kulala njaa,. Nakuombea mungu."

This loosely translates to "I have come a long way and I'm going far places, because God is greater than man, and never despise anyone, I have no hate to you, Ringtone.. I don't think you understand the wrath of sleeping on an empty stomach, I pray for you."

Stivo Simple Boy has quickly risen to fame after his song 'mihadarati' released in 2017 went viral on social media.