As a man, it is always a dream to have a woman of your league at your side. 

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Rarely do men find themselves ignoring women. A man can only ignore a woman with good reasons. 

Even though the reasons might differ from one man to the other, here are some of the common reasons as to why men ignore women.

1. He assumes that you already have a boyfriend

When a guy sees a woman walking with a guy, he will automatically assume that they are couples. 

Even though the woman might try flirting with the guy, the guy will tend to assume and ignore the lady, as a way of maintaining the boy’s code of not messing with someone’s woman.

2. He ignores you before you ignore him

Men get themselves ignoring women as a way of protecting their feelings. 

When they are not sure of whether a woman might accept them or not, a good number of men will prefer ignoring the woman to protect themselves from getting hurt.

3. He is too busy

Being busy might also hinder men from offering their attention to women around them. 

As a result, due to their busy schedule, most men will find themselves ignoring women who might need their attention.