Locals of Nyabori bonge village in Matunwa, Nyaribari Chache in Kisii County are in shock after a widowed woman was busted engaging in illicit sex with her nephew on Saturday night. 

It is alleged that Pacifica Kerubo has been having an affair with her nephew Lukas Ondieki since the death of her husband several months ago. 

"Kerubo has been warned several times against her illicit love relationship with Ondieki in vain. Forty days reached on Saturday at 8 pm when Ondieki's mother went to check Kerubo in her house only to find them doing manners," said a neighbor Ronald Makori.

Mr. Makori said Ondieki's mother raised an alarm which attracted the attention of locals including the area assistant chief Mr. Justine Ogendi. 

Mr. Ogendi said the lovebirds were canned in public. 

"It was a shameful incident which is unacceptable for Kerubo to engage in sex with her nephew. Widows should stop engaging in sex with close relatives," he said.

According to Ogendi, widows should find mature men to inherit them and not young people. 

"Kisii traditions doesn't condone related people to engage in sex. I will not allow such relationships in my areas of administration," he added.