It was a somber mood in Elburgon, Nakuru after a 10-year-old boy committed suicide by hanging himself.

The Wednesday morning incident left Ndimu village mourning the death of the class five pupils as many wondered what might have made such a young boy take a drastic action.

The boy’s mother could not hold the pain of seeing her son’s body dangling from a tree.

She collapsed and became unconscious forcing women to do first aid on her.

“She is now well but deeply hurt. She is still unable to talk to you people,” a family member told reporters.

According to preliminary investigations, the boy had reportedly quarreled with his parents over a holiday trip to Nairobi.

A section of residents, however, called for a cleansing of the sleepy village claiming it has been infested by evils spirits.

“This is the third such incident to happen. Children cannot be killing themselves, there must be some devils here,” Winnie Gaikia said.