Since Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria broke the ice on New Year's Eve at Thika Stadium by claiming that President Uhuru Kenyatta had sidelined Mt Kenya region on matters development, all hell seems to have broken loose.

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Kuria accused Uhuru of turning Mt Kenya residents into voting machines during elections after which he takes development projects elsewhere.

While there is that section of Mt Kenya region residents that feels that Kuria erred in castigating the Head of State, another feels that Kuria was damn right even saying that the controversial MP had affirmed his position as a true 'Njamba ya Ruriri' (Hero of the Tribe).

But whichever side of the divide you stand on, it seems like Uhuru is not to be blamed for the predicament currently facing the Mt Kenya region.

In fact, the discontented residents ought to blame themselves for 'kumira kumira ta thuraku' (coming out in large numbers) on August 8 and October 26, 2017 to re-elect Uhuru without first finding out what his agenda for the second term was. Why say so? 

Well, it seems like Uhuru's confidant and the then Jubilee Party Vice Chairman David Murathe had laid it bare on national TV outlining what Uhuru's second term would be all about if he was re-elected.

Murathe during an interview with KTN News on June 2017, two months before the elections, had basically stated that Uhuru's second and final term would be fully booked.

"I am very sorry for the people after Uhuru gets re-elected because I believe his agenda will be on his legacy issues which will be law, order, discipline and fight against corruption," Murathe said during the interview.

He adds: "His true colours will be known and I can tell you, the guy will 'nyorosha' this place. That you can take to the bank."

As you may have noted, Mt Kenya residents and their problems feature nowhere in Uhuru's second term agenda.

So, as they came out in large numbers on August 8 and August 26 to vote for Uhuru, it is only fair to say that even Uhuru assumed that they were very aware of why they were re-electing him.

Or isn't Uhuru already doing what he promised going by Murathe's statement? Be the judge!