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Man goes into hiding after impregnating niece

Dennis Chacha
A pregnant lady. [Photo/Standard.]

A 35-year-old man has gone into hiding after he allegedly impregnated his niece.

Confirming the incident, Kegati local chief Amos Ondicho said the suspect, Maurice Ooga has been sleeping with his niece who was living at his home. 

“Ooga took advantage of the minor to sleep with her while his wife was away. When he realised the minor was pregnant he went into hiding to escape arrest,” he said. 

The administrator said pregnancy tests done on the minor have turned out positive. 

The man’s wife, Mary Nyaera, said she has not been aware whether the husband was sleeping with the minor.

“Authorities must work around the clock to arrest him because impregnating the minor, who is also his sister’s daughter, is unacceptable and abomination. I will not defend him,” she noted. 

Andrew Mokua, an elder in the area condemned the man and said even if it takes 20 years from now, he must be arrested and be prosecuted for ruining the young girl's life. 


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