Being accepted and loved by other people does not happen overnight. It takes time to make yourself open to other people, gain their trust and they start loving you from there. 

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To make yourself lovable to others, do this;

1. Practice kindness towards other people 

Kindness works a long way in determining how your friends will treat you the moment you will be in need of their help. Being kind to everyone around you makes you lovable and people will be ready to spend time with you.

2. Set boundaries

Setting boundaries is quite important. This involves being clear on what you need from a friendship. For you to be lovable, it is important to note that you do not have to put your needs in the first priority as those of the other people.

3. Enjoy your life 

Most people are attracted to people who are happier and those who have fun despite the challenges they are facing. Spend your time with friends and use the little you have to enjoy together.

4. Be real

Most of us lose themselves on their way to finding love and end up trying so hard t be real. Do not waste time pretending who you are not as this will one day be discovered and people will run away for not being real.

5. Love yourself

No one will ever like to associate with people who look down upon themselves. To be more appealing to other people, first love yourself, talk of positives about your life and you will have many friends who will be happy to have you as their friend.