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Types of KU ladies who are rarely approached by male comrades

Pythie Meja
Dating is one of the interesting things that can make one miss campus life after graduation. [Photo/]

Serious relationships sprout in universities after making the transition from high school to campus, where you get to enjoy freedom as your decisions count more than any one's including your parents'.

At the Kenyatta University main campus located along Thika Road, dating is not a crime. Guys visiting ladies' hostels is not a felony, so long as you adhere to the 10-to-10 rule, that is, visit from 10am and leave before/at 10pm.

While dating is one of the interesting things that can make one miss campus life after graduation, there are other people who remain lonely, or rather fail to stay in a relationship for long.

Here are the 5 types of KU ladies who are rarely approached by guys:

1. Notorious revellers

Ladies who rarely spend time at the campus and go out every Friday and on weekends are feared by many campus guys, including those who may be considered as party animals. Guys argue dating these types of ladies will prove costly, as you will always have to buy them drinks.

2. 'Very' religious' 

Regardless of how true their relationship with God is, most guys consider them as pretenders and judgmental. Male students prefer dating genuine church girls, who are said to be less judgmental and faithful in relationships.

3. ‘HELB diggers’

These type of ladies are very 'seasonal' in a campus guy's life. They get so close to you when HELB loans have been dispatched and disappear after spending most of your cash. She visits every lunchtime then pretends to receive urgent phone calls after you buy her lunch.

4. Ladies from school of engineering

While the guys from this school are much loved by the ladies, it is the reverse for their female counterparts. Guys tease ladies pursuing engineering courses, arguing that they look manly especially when working at the workshop during a mechanical engineering lesson.

 5. Ladies who are ‘too perfect’ or extremely beautiful

KU guys shy away from dating cute ladies due to fear of stiff competition from other guys."Meja sa huyu ukikatia competition utawezana kweli? Just go for someone else ulenge stress," said Brian.

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