Kimani Ngunjiri and Wambugu Ngunjiri are two vocal and controversial Jubilee Party members of parliament. 

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They have different opinions and perceptions on politics. However, the similarity of their names seems to confuse many.

This is a breakdown and contrast between the duo that will make you distinguish them easily.

1.Kimani Ngunjiri

He is Ruto's loyal supporter and  Uhuru's number one critic.  Kimani is the Bahati constituency MP in Nakuru county.

Kimani's reign as an MP has been littered with controversies. 

After Uhuru Kenyatta's "Washenzi" slur, Kimani started "mimi ni mshenzi" movement in Nakuru that was meant to vent their anger towards the president who seemed to sideline them after elections.

Ngunjiri has also been in the forefront defending William Ruto against corruption allegations.

On several occasions, he has slammed anti-Ruto Jubilee MPs who intend to frustrate Ruto's 2022 succession.

On the eve of 2017 general elections, Kimani got himself in thick after he was accused of castigating tribal hatred in Nakuru.

2.Wambugu Ngunjiri

An ardent supporter of Uhuru Kenyatta and a fierce critic of Ruto.

Ngunjiri is a Member of Parliament for Nyeri Town in Nyeri County.

He is a vocal legislator who has been accused of spearheading the anti-Ruto campaign in Mount Kenya region meant to frustrate Ruto's 2022 succession.

He ignited a political fire when he told off William Ruto that Mount Kenya bloc did not automatically owe Ruto 2022 presidency.

Wambugu has been on forefront castrating those talking about 2022 general elections with the opinion that the president is concentrating on his legacy.