Honesty is undeniably the greatest building block of any relationship. 

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However, this is not the case at the beginning of many relationships. People lie and there is a huge misconception that men are the biggest liars in relationships. 

The truth is that women also lie on various things especially at the start of the relationship. 

Well, the following are some of the things that women lie about especially at the beginning of the relationship.

1. How many men she has dated 

Most women will lie about the number of men they have dated before. They find it hard to disclose this in the fear of being labelled promiscuous. The truth is that everyone has a number of ex-partners when going into a new relationship but most women will lie on this number.

2. The number of male friends she has

It is hard for a lady to fully disclose the number of male friends she has. Women believe that feel threatened and insecure with their male friends, they take precautionary measures to prevent the occurrence of a conflict. This leads to them hiding the real number of male friends she has. 

3. Saying that she loves your best friends

It is essential to hang out with each other’s friends. Regardless of the fact that she tells you how she loves spending time with them, it might be a lie.