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A letter to the broken woman

Becca Awino

A sad woman. [Photo/pontash]

You are not the first neither are you the last to experience what you are going through, whether it is that nasty divorce or it is the tragic breakup that has left you lonely and drained.

You need to realize that some people come into your life to prepare you for the worst and also make you stronger at the end of the day and the most important to note is that you deserve better.

You need to let go of those who could not love you and let your self-be perused. You are not the one who should be chasing after a guy that does not care about you and does not add value to your life.You need to be the flower and the scent that bees will follow.

You should be and will be loved by the right person.When your time comes, you will get to experience a love that you once thought was impossible to feel.Wherever he is, he is building a future for you, something that you will enjoy and you will be grateful for coming into your life even after you got hurt by other people.

You deserve a man who knows God and respects the fact that God has given him the chance to be in your life.He will build you not only mentally but also spiritually.He will draw you closer to God and not take you away from him.You deserve this kind f man and so much more.

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