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Abuya Abuya: Dread-locked defiant MP who gave Moi sleepless nights

T. M Banda
Abuya Abuya in a past event. He was one of fiercest critic of Daniel Moi. [Photo/Nation]

Occasionally making few public appearances, Abuya Abuya remains one of the few leaders who perhaps retired President Daniel Moi would easily recall despite his advance age.

Elected to parliament in 1979 in Kitutu Masaba, a constituency that had had another fiercest critic, George Anyona imprisoned, Abuya was among the 'seven bearded' sisters as labelled by the then Attorney General Charles Njonjo.

According to Njonjo, the seven youthful MPs were 'threat' to the state and police had been instructed to monitor their activities in and outside parliament.

Also in the team of young MPs who criticised Moi's government were James Orengo, Koigi Wamwere, Chebule Wa Tsuma, Lawrence Sifuna, Mwashengu Mwachofi and Onyango Midika.

In a past interview, Abuya once narrated how he hid in his Tombe village to dodge dreaded police officers.

"They had been instructed to have me arrested and were trailing me. I had to abandon my car and literally run on foot," he said.

Sadly, in an interview with the Daily Nation, Abuya lamented how has gone without pension despite serving between 1979-88.

"I am surviving from earning from my small tea plantation. I have never been given my pension at all," he said.

During the 2017 elections, Abuya contested unsuccessfully for Nyamira senatorial seat which was eventually won by senior lawyer Okong'o Mogeni.

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