Love is the best thing that can happen in your life. Finding someone who genuinely loves you has never been easy. When you find that special someone, do not take him for granted. Here are five signs he can’t live without you.

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1. You’re always on his mind

A man who is ever thinking about you shows that he cannot imagine life without you. If he is ever calling to know your whereabouts then it shows he is truly into you and he cannot live without you.

2. He is ever following you on social networks

Does he keep following you on social media? Although it sounds like stalking, he wants to know more about you. He feels happy when he sees good things happening in your life as shared on social media.

3. He doesn't forget your joint plans

Do you have joint plans? Does he remind you about the plans? It is evident he doesn't want to stay away from you. A man who truly cares never forgets about his plans with you.

4. He keeps his promises

He cannot imagine life without you so he keeps his promises. He knows very well that failing you means he will also fail. He will do everything to fulfill his promises.

5. He remembers the simple things

A man who has good plans for you remembers the simple things. He will cherish the memories you create together. If he reminds you of the simple things you had forgotten about, then know you are with the right man.