Loyalty is a rare trait that every woman wants in a man. A man without character cannot resist pressure to fail the woman he loves. Understanding how to identify a loyal man is equally another uphill task. Here are 7 traits of a loyal man as noted by herway.net.

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1. Emotionally intelligent

Being intelligent and emotional intelligence are two different things. An emotional intelligent man is one who knows how to behave when feelings are brought into action. The first thing that comes out of his mouth during difficult moments heals the pained heart.

2. Supportive

A loyal man will support you in different ways. He will support your career and other aspects of your life. He thinks much about your success than any other thing in life. He will do everything to ensure you become successful at the end of the day.

3. He does not date other women

A loyal man does not cheat. He keeps his love for you. No matter how tempting other women are, he will stick to you because of the strong love he has for you.

4. Keeps promises

Many men never keep their promises. If you find a man who keeps his promises then know he is loyal. The man only makes promises he is able to keep. 

5. He cares about your love

A loyal man will care about your love. He will do everything to make things right. He won’t let anything come between you and him

6. He gives you reasons to trust him

 Trust can make or break your love life. A relationship will not last if there is no trust. A loyal man will do everything within his means to earn his partner's trust.

7. Selflessness

A loyal man is selfless. He does everything knowing that he doesn't have to hurt you. A man with this trait does not care much about himself but those around him.