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Angry Ruto summons 2 Nandi leaders to a secret meeting

Jackson O'Mogeni
Nandi Senator Stephen Sang (left) and senator Cherargei. [Photo/Nation]

An agitated President William Ruto is said to have summoned Nandi Governor Stephen Sang and area senator Samson Cherargei as the rivalry between the two escalated.

For months now, Cherargei has been at loggerheads with Sang over service delivery, forcing Ruto to reprimand them on Monday.

Although details of the two-hour meeting remains scanty, Ruto is said to have confronted them over the ongoing tag of war which he says delays service delivery.

"But this will not in any way affect my oversight role. For now, things stand the way they are until the issues I have raised are addressed," said Cherargei as he confirmed the meeting.

Over the weekend, Sang had hinted working with the senator to deliver the top four agenda of Jubilee administration.

"Since President Uhuru agree to work with Raila Odinga to cool down temperatures, even in Nandi, we have also agreed to work together."

The North Rift County is fundamental in the DP's quest for presidency and his timely intervention could have been informed by the fact that it is one of his home voting block.

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