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Another mega scandal hits Nairobi county government

Arangi P. Arangi
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An audio clip alleged to be of a Nairobi Member of County Assembly (MCA) lamenting about the reduction of bribes has left tongues wagging. 

In the clip, a man alleged to be Utalii MCA Wilson Ochola is heard saying that the MCAs were given Sh1 million under unclear circumstances.  

The lawmaker admits that they were given bribes but complains that the amount was reduced.

“Sisi as Members of the County Assembly we are fighting corruption…na tulishtuka sana kupewa 1 million yenye hatujafanyia kazi…. Hata nikajiuliza this one million is for what?”  

This loosely translates as: "We as Members of the County Assembly we are fighting corruption…. And we were shocked when we received Sh1 million that we haven’t worked for. I wondered what the money was for.” 

He questions why the members were given Sh5 million yet they agreed to be given Sh10 million. 

It however remains unclear why the members were being sent the said amount of money.

 “After investigations we found out that this money was Sh10million and the money that was brought to Mombasa was Sh5million... and instead of Sh5 million we were given one million… The rest of the money iko wapi? Ikiharibika imeharibika,” he adds.

The incident comes at a time when Nairobi governor Mike Sonko is battling corruption cartels following his election into office. 

The rejection of the nomination of lawyer Miguna Miguna to deputize Sonko has left him at crossroads.

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