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At what age does your penis stop growing?

Cornel Wawire
Your penis grows fast during puberty (Photo/

Have you ever asked yourself if your manhood grows

as you grow too? Well, most men have various concerns about their manhood. Many questions have been asked about how to make the penis grow faster and bigger.

However, did you that there is a point a penis will never grow further? Most people take their penis sizes as a symbol of strength, courage, and ability. Men with big penises have always felt great while some with small penises wonder when their penis will also grow or if they won’t grow any further.

During puberty, the penis will grow faster than you imagine. This is the time both a man and a woman’s body undergoes many changes. A boy reaches puberty at 10 years. Body changes will start from this time until he hits 14 years.

His penis might hit its maximum size at the age of 13 years. However, it might still grow until he is 18 years. Therefore, a penis stops growing at the age of 18 years for most people. However, in some cases, given that men are different, a person might have his penis grow bigger until he his age 21.

All penis will grow above 3 inches. Below this length, your penis is considered small.

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