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Avril confirms she is pregnant

Esther Kabui
Avril Nyambura in a past photo shoot out. [Photo/Mpasho]

Nakuru-born sassy singer Avril Nyambura is pregnant.

After months of speculation and gossip in showbiz blogs, Avril has finally shown the world her pregnacy.

The sultry singer showed her baby bump as she walked out with a sweet message to her baby. 

“It was going to be in my time my terms and never anyone else’s. You wrote what you must. I have no ill thoughts towards you, even when you stalked me, lied and shamed me. At times I laughed and the stillness in my spirit kept telling me ‘In your time, in your terms.’ I guess that protective nurturing nature kicked in just in time to handle what I needed to,” Avril said.

She added: “My M,What a ride we have had and now an even more exciting one begins. I’m humbled that you chose me, Thank you love. I will love you and protect you, now and forever. That is my promise to you.Love Mum.”

Rumours about the singer being paged started after she was spotted in one of Nairobi's mother's clinic.

Avril was born and raised in Nakuru's Shabab area.

Recently she entered into a deal with Nakuru county government to help nurture other talents within the county.


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