Activist Boniface Mwangi is known for his hard stance against corruption and sharp criticism of non-performing politicians.

The former Starehe MP aspirant has always been at the forefront of championing the rights of Kenyans.

His organized protests aimed at bringing change and accountability in public offices have seen him get arrested and even roughed up by police.

Mwangi has on several occasions hit out at Kenyans, especially the middle class, criticizing them for being vocal on social media and not taking part in protests and standing up against various social ills in the country. 

He, however, seems to be singing a different tune if one of his recent posts on Twitter is anything to go by.

A Twitter user, @SalanoChavatuzi, on Monday requested Mwangi to intervene and stop a planned demolition of residential homes in one of the estates in Nairobi.

“@bonifacemwangi We need you here bro, they have come to pull this buildings down yet they gave us notice last week hatujahama bado,” read Salano’s tweet.

Responding to the tweet, Mwangi asked Salano to instead contact his MCA and MP.

“Poleni. Call your MCA & MP. They’re your representatives,” wrote Mwangi.

The activist further advised Kenyans to recall their leaders if they fail in executing their mandate.

“It’s important as citizens to hold the leaders we elect accountable. We pay them salaries to represent us, to be our voice. If a leader fails to represent you well, the constitution allows you to collect signatures and recall them,” he added.

A section of Kenyans on Twitter agreed with Mwangi, criticizing their fellow citizens for electing the wrong leaders. 

Here are some of their reactions: 

“Unataka @bonifacemwangi akuje na light transport ama? Ukiambiwa uhame unahama,” wrote Steve Orimba

“You never voted for the right people but voted for the wrong people for the wrong reasons and left our brother @bonifacemwangi bonjour in the stop calling for him and deal with it,” wrote Abul Almeida.

“Si mlilenga Boni, call on sonko and jaguar!! Na umeambiwa kuhama...wacha kuwaste time ati unatweet. Nkt!!” said Saqib.

“Kenyans, we all know these buildings are poorly made, and were made illegally. We have low standard general due to poverty, and polishitians who profit from poverty, these buildings must be destroyed,” said @HDSlogic.

“#TanoTena ndio ikageuka #TanoTerror na bado,” wrote Kinoti Kathenya.

“Well said Boniface, I wish we can go in this direction. The day Kenyans will understand that our leaders are not the problem, it will be a rebirth for Kenya. We the citizens are the problem as long as we keep on electing people with questionable character,” wrote @KariukiNyaga.