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Campus boys' 'smokie pasua' tactics to impress ladies

Stephen Mwaniki

Some campus students in a gym session in their hostels. The weights are locally improvised to suit them. [Photo | Stephen Mwaniki]

Campus boys are known to go extra miles to impress ladies. They will do all they can to make sure they win their soulmate's attention.

With the thirst for muscles (six-packs and biceps) they have been having sleepless nights in lifting improvised weights (concrete weights in jerricans) to have the real gentleman's body.   

These broad masculine chests will "kill" ladies leading to campus bo

ys sacrificing their fifty shilling meant for supper to buy two "smokies pasua

" for their catch.


All these sacrifices are to impress 'her'. He better skip dinner to buy fries (commonly know as chips) for his "queen".

With stiff competition from known sponsors (sugar daddies), all the HELB loan monies go towards the ladies upkeep and not even a cent for him.

Some boys will hire their friend's rooms which are presentable (with a bed, a small music system and a laptop) just to impress their new catch. This becomes the best remedy for campus ladies who give in after successful movie moments.

These efforts are among the most used tactics to win impress a lady.

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