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Common Kisii names and their meanings

Mary Kemz
Kisii governor James Ongwae in a past event. [Photo/Mogesi]

The Kisii community is found in South Nyanza region of Kenya. 

Mr James Kebaso, an elder said that once a child is born parents decide which name to give her. 

This are some of the names he gave with their meanings;

1. Makori

This name is given to a baby boy who has been born besides the road. 

If it is a baby girl she will be named Nyanchera. 



This name is given to a baby who is born after the first twin.

The name is given to both boys and girls. 

3. Nyaboke

The name means sweetness. Babies given this name are said to be born during the season when honey is in plenty. 

4. Omariba

The name is given to babies born during the rainy and muddy season. 

Or a child can be named Omariba if the mother hagiven birth to him while smiring mud to herr house. 

5. Kwamboka

A child born while the mother is crossing a river is given the name Kwamboka.

6. Sokoro

Sokoro is a male name given to a child born and named after his grandfather.

7. Mongina 

Is a female name given to a baby girl named after a mother to her father or mother.

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