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Common lies women tell about sex

Cornel Wawire
You are the greatest in bed. [Photo/]

There are many ways to describe a woman. They are mysterious, enigmatic and confusing by default. In a relationship, women tell the biggest lies which not even the wisest man can find out. A woman will tell lies about sex for many reasons. Here are common lies women tell about sex:

I have slept with just two guys

Few women will be honest when you ask them how many men they have slept with. In most cases, a woman will tell you she has slept with just two guys, the one who deflowered her and her high school lover. Don’t argue as there is no way you will ever find out about it.

You are the greatest in sex

A woman will always rank you the best after a hot sex session with her. Even when there was nothing great you achieved, she will lie to you that it was the greatest intimate session she has ever had. Most probably she is lying, read her body language and you will rate yourself.

She gets satisfied in 5 minutes

Every woman will say she likes it when you have sex that doesn’t last for long. Actually, it’s the opposite, she will hold tight on you and tell you never to stop even after an hour of non-stop sex. She doesn’t want you to see her as a sex maniac.

She has never cheated on you

No woman will ever admit to cheat on you. Even when she cheats with several guys, she will swear with everything she has that her honeypot is only for you until thy kingdom comes. Don’t bother yourself with things you don’t know.

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