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Crucial tips for forgiving your partner after a major blowup

Amos kazimoto
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Forgiveness is one of the key elements of a successful marriage. No matter how large you feel your partner offended you, you will need to work towards forgiving them because without forgiveness, a couples trust, friendship and intimacy will forever be negatively impacted. Failure to forgive your partner will break away the foundation of your marriage resulting in divorce. Here are tips to forgive your partner after a major blowup

Give your spouse the benefit of doubt

There are various ways of interpreting a situation. When your partner offends you and offers an explanation, try to interpret it in a way that puts him/her in the most positive light. This makes it easier to forgive him.

Put yourself in their shoes

Put yourself in your partner’s shoe. Imagine you had done something comparable to what they had done.  Would you want to be forgiven? Viewing the situation from the other side will give you a different perspective on the situation and makes it much easier to forgive.

Reflect on everything that is good about your partner

Remember the reasons you love your partner. Weigh their value against the wrongs and hurt they have caused. Ask yourself if the relationship is worth trying to fix. This is essential since it will give you a picture of what your spouse means to you and makes it easy to fix the problem.

Ask how you contributed to the problem

Both partners are responsible for what happens in a marriage. The actions they portray can either cause happiness or sadness to their better half. It is important for both partners to look at how they contributed to the problem and look for a way to fix it. Putting the blame on your spouse may lead to divorce.

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