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Dispute over SGR land resolved - Swazuri

Ian Steve

A section of the SGR under construction between Nairobi and Mombasa ( photo / business daily Africa)

The National land Commission (NLC) Chairman Mohammed Swazuri on Thursday said that the dispute over land for the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) Construction was caused by a miscommunication.

Swazuri said the contractor (China Communication and Construction Company CCCC) reported to the field before being given a greenlight.

"Members of the Maasai community had stopped the contractor from accessing the site. However, we have resolved all the issues in today's (Thursday's) meeting and we expect the project to continue," Said Swazuri.

Speaking in Maai Mahiu, Naivasha, he said that the route had been gazetted and compensation would soon follow.

Residents had blocked the contractor (CCCC) to continue with construction until they get paid. They had accused the government of engaging in the project before they were compensated.

However, the government has accused some residents along the route of mischief.

Swazuri assured the herders that they stop speculating on issues since the government was committed to pay them.

"Stop the speculation. The project will only proceed after everybody had been compensated," he said.

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