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Drama as Manduli goes nuclear on Waiguru on live television

Ramaphosa Kwayera
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Flamboyant businesslady Orie Rogo Manduli. [Photo/]

Orie Rogo Manduli went for the jugular of Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru on prime television Wednesday night.

The flamboyant socio-political commentator and businesswoman wondered why the people of Kirinyaga elected her in spite of lingering questions about her integrity.

''I am looking at the president in the eye and telling the president,'' Please, Mr President, do something. This is your legacy and you have nothing to lose,''... Last time you slipped with the likes of Waiguru and all. This time catch them by the neck. Bring the Waigurus back. Governor? We don't care. I mean, how did she? She used the same money to become governor. I blame the electorate, how could they elect someone like that?'' Manduli said.

Manduli was fielding questions from renowned Kenyan journalist Jeff Koinange on the JKL show.

She was alluding to the National Youth Service (NYS) scandal in which Governor Waiguru was implicated during his tenure as Cabinet Secretary.

The Kirinyaga governor has long maintained her innocence, saying that she had nothing to do with the scandal that saw millions of shillings from public coffers.

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