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Driver denies killing student while fleeing NTSA

Ian Steve

Job Nyongesa before the court on Friday (Photo /

A man who was accused of dangerous driving leading to the death of a University of Nairobi student while fleeing NTSA's dragnet on Friday, denied the allegations.

The driver, Job Nyongesa is being accused of killing 21-year-old Brian Kaimbati on January 30, 2016.

“I was driving along Thika Road with my two friends, upon reaching GSU camp I saw a vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road and an accident occurred,” Nyongesa said as quoted by Citizen TV.

Nyongesa told the court that he could not recall the events of that night since he only found himself in in the hospital hours later.

The prosecution had told the court that Mr Nyongesa, made a U-turn when he saw NTSA officials to drive on the wrong side of the road and rammed into a vehicle the First Year Engineering university student was driving causing his death.

Nyongesa had earlier wanted the case withdrawn sighting errors in the charge sheet which the court declined.

His lawyer John Khaminwa argued that the charge sheet presented by the prosecution bears his Christian names which he termed as unlawful since the state does not subscribe to any religious leanings.

He was released on a sh. 100,000 cash bail.

The matter will be mentioned on January 18 where parties will give their final submission before judgement is rendered.

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