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Drunk man almost mauled to death in Nyangongo

Mary Kemz
Hungry dog mauling a man. [Photo/]

A drunk man from 

Nyangongo village in Kisii County was almost mauled to death by wild dogs on Sunday night as he went home.

The man identified only as 

Mokaya had bought meat for his wife and children to enjoy for supper, but unfortunately he met with the dogs on the way where tried to flee for safety. 

On the process of running away, the meat fell down and the dogs got the smell of the meat and started to eat it. The man tried to chase them but the dogs could not leave the delicious meal.

Mokaya got angry and started beating the dogs which turned against the man and started mauling him while barking. 

The man screamed loudly but nobody could come to his rescue as it was very late and he was far  from the homestead.

The dogs almost got away with his private parts but he managed to run to safey, according to residents.

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