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Duale makes shocking revelations on the floor of parliament

Veronicah Nanjilah
Garissa Township Member of Parliament and House Leader of the Majority Aden Duale. [Photo/]

Garissa Township Member of Parliament and Leader of the Majority, Aden Duale made shocking revelations on the floor of the House today (Tuesday).

The vocal legislator claimed that there was a woman who had the numbers of all members of parliament in the current and previous parliament.

He further revealed that they were grappling with a torrent of obscene images sent by the said woman.

''There is also, Mr. Speaker, a lady who has all the telephone numbers of all the male members of parliament, in the eleventh Parliament and in this 12th parliament. She posts all the most obscene photos and sends to members of parliament,'' Duale revealed.

Members of parliament have called on the police to get to the heart of the matter and called on the speaker of the house to summon police bosses.

They said that the police investigative department had become moribund.

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