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Fact about skin lightening

Sallie Wanja
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From an article on, featuring Dr. Andrea Kassim, Board-Certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Dermatologist in The Derm Group’s Morristown office

Here are four facts you need to know about skin lightening.

No bleach involved in skin lightening

Bleaching products reduce a pigment in the skin called melanin. Skin lightening products include exfoliants that induce mild peeling. Since skin tends to regenerate quickly and easily, the peeling helps to clear away dead cells and resurface fresher and lighter layers.

Skin lightening can have harmful side effects.

According to Dr. Kassim, “there is evidence to suggest that certain skin-whitening medicines, like hydroquinone, contain ingredients which may have carcinogenic properties that can be harmful to the body".They may even cause cancer.

Abuse of skin lightening medicines have negative impacts

When Hydroquinone is used in doses higher than 2% or over a period longer than three months, the whole skin lightening procedure can have negative results. Higher concentrations of the bleaching medicine make the skin develop resistance especially during treatment of a scar.

Natural skin lightening options exist.

There are many naturally occurring agents that can be found in nature that have lightening properties, according to Dr Kassim , There is also some research that confirms that pomegranate extract and vitamin E oral supplements may also inhibit melanin production hence lightening the skin .

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