Anger can greatly influence our actions, decisions, and ability to perform simple things.

It’s probably obvious that we don’t want anger to be the driving force behind our choices, yet that’s what we tend to do. What’s more, our anger doesn’t just impact us, it impacts everyone around us, creating a ripple effect.Here are some of the things we should avoid doing when angry.1.    Avoid going for any drug or alcohol as a solutionAlcohol is a depressant, and adding a depressant into a depressing mood is a recipe for disaster. Alcohol impedes our judgment and lowers the natural restraint mechanisms that prevent us from doing dumb things. This state of mind can lead to doing and saying things will come back to haunt us. 2.    Avoid persistent argumentWhen we are angry, it’s hard to present our side of the story with rational and thoughtful points. We often result in saying things we’ll regret down the road. Listen and then allow yourself to take leave of the argument to process the event. Leaving the argument doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s important that we prepare ourselves to revisit it with the right intentions and in a better frame of mind.3.    Never go for a drive when angryChoose to travel on foot and stay out of the car whenever you can. When we are in a state of anger, our ability to focus and concentrate is diminished, which could lead to poor judgment on the road. The plus side of walking is that any form of physical exercise is a good approach to dealing with anger.4.    Never hide your angerTry to share your frustrations with your friends. Anger can increase the risk of heart disease and impact our overall health. Just because hiding it is not advisable doesn’t mean you should put your anger on display. Instead of reacting in the moment, find a way to work through your anger respectfully and thoughtfully. 5.    Never go to sleep while still angryThis will make you lack sleep, get into deeper thoughts which can lead to depression among other stress ailments. Also going to sleep with the feelings of anger burning strong will only reinforce those feelings making them even more pronounced in the morning.