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Foods that cause farting during sex

Sam Munyaka
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Farting during sex is a major cause for concern. The condition is not only a shameful act but also a nuisance. 

A majority of people fart during sex, so it is normal and somehow healthy. Basically, farting in women may occur as a result of sliding motion of the pintle inside the vagina. The pressure of sliding motion exerts a lot of force in the anus hence causing farting. 

Apart from the above reason, farting during sex is attributed to other factors like the foods you consume. Some foodstuffs result in bloating, burping and produce a large amount of gas which in turn cause farting.

Here are the foods that might cause farting during sex


Beans are excellent sources of protein that are essential in the body. However, it is reported that beans are among the foods that attribute to farting during sex. These foods tend to cause excessive gas, bloating and burping.


Potatoes are nutritious foods that are endowed with numerous vitamins and antioxidants.  However, e

xcessive consumption of potatoes has side effects. They are also said to cause farting by causing bloating and burping. 

Hard candy

This particular food is highly nutritive in nature.  This food is termed as hard-to-digest. It produces a large amount of gas in our alimentary canal.


r foods include soda, milk and so on. 

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