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Foods that will cleanse your blood

Sam Munyaka
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A healthy life is determined by what you consume daily. Cleansing your blood is a way to get rid of toxins  from your body and keep it as fit as a fiddle. Generally, your blood's health is linked with the immune system and ability to fight infections.  Hence, purifying your blood is vital to help bar infections. 

Eating processed foods, using certain cosmetics and sedentary life are among the factors that cause buildup of toxins in our bloodstream. 

Leafy greens

Eating leafy greens such as kales, spinach can cleanse your blood naturally. They are be gifted with numerous vitamins and antioxidants. Generally, they detoxify the whole body particularly the blood and can aid in barring diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancers.


It is a spice that has been used by man for centuries to cure a number of ailments. Garlic is a great source of sulfur that helps to get rid of toxins. They have antimicrobial properties that purify the blood and keep it free of bacteria. 

Broccoli sprouts

These particular vegetables have a great detoxification properties for the blood. It is reported the vegetables are enriched with antioxidants which detoxification properties for cleansing toxin from your bloodstream. 


It is a spice that add flavors and enhance taste to the food. Adding turmeric to your diet is one way to help purify your blood and at the same time, spice up your meals. Their detoxing properties is due to the compound curcumin.

You should incorporate the aforementioned foods in your daily meals for the sake of a healthy living. 

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