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Four drinks that make you fat

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In a journey to cut weight and live a healthy lifestyle, we tend to shift our focus on what we eat a lot than what we drink. This is because gaining weight is every so often associated with food. 

Below are four drinks that have been secretly causing you to add a few kilos.


We all tend to imagine a man with a big pot belly with several beers when we hear the word alcohol in gaining weight. However, any alcoholic drink can cause weight addition as alcohol contains calories.


A cup of tea goes a long way for us, a cup of tea in the morning for breakfast, at 10 o’clock, in the evening and to some before getting to bed. Drinking a lot of tea results in

a lot of sugar intake in one day.

Fresh fruit juices

We avoid soda and run to the ‘fresh juice’ thinking it has

health benefits than other drinks. However, these juices are mixed with a lot of sugar to improve the taste.


In hot weather, cold fizzy soda is the option to quench the thirst. But soda has a high number of calories, about 200. Sodas are mainly made up of a lot of sugar and water making it an enemy drink when you want to lose weight.

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