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Four interesting facts about the male G-spot

Lenis Musundi
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Do you know that there is a male G-spot?  The talk about the female G-spot has made many people believe men do not have spots that make them go wild whenever they are stimulated during intercourse. Here are four interesting facts no one has ever told you about the male G-spot.

1.The Male G-spot is the popular male prostate gland

 If you have been wondering where the male G-spot is located then you should know that it is the male prostate gland. The part is spongy and highly sensitive to different forms of stimulation. Men are often driven crazy whenever they are touched at this point. The spot remains hidden until one stimulates it using external force.

2. Reachable 

Anal penetration is considered the easiest way to reach this spot. This means that most men do not experience this form of stimulation because they do not engage in anal sex. Although most men are not comfortable with anal sex, experts argue that it is safe and comfortable than you think.

3.Stimulation of the spot and penis result to double orgasm

When the spot is stimulated alongside the penis, the man will feel double orgasms. However, it takes an extra effort and works to access the spot.  Men can attempt to stimulate the spot while on their own to realize the exciting feeling.

4. Stimulation of the male G Spot is not always painful.

 Since it is associated with anal sex, most people think that stimulation of the male G-spot is supposed to be a painful encounter, but that is not always the case. 

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