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Githu Muigai 'roasted' by lawyers over calls to prosecute Odinga

Jackson O'Mogeni

[Raila Odinga in a past event. A number of Kenyans have condemned Githu Muigai’s statement on his planned swearing in that declared the process illegal]

Hours after Attorney General Githu Muigai declared People's Assembly and Raila Odinga's planned inauguration as treasonable, top lawyers have given their insight to the debate.

A defiant Odinga insists of going ahead with swearing-in a move that Muigai says is treasonable and punishable in the law.

"Any individual who purports to take oath other than the one prescribed in the constitution is liable for prosecution. Such attempts amounts to prosecution," said Muigai.

City lawyer Nelson Havi said: "No one takes Muigai's legal opinion seriously. Not his students and clients. He should stop interpreting laws upside down."

Ex-Nairobi senatorial candidate Edwin Sifuna posted the famous section 40 in the penal code arguing that it never proposed treason for such moves.

"NASA is not imaging to kill, depose or overthrow the illegitimate government. Githu Muigai should be ignored."

Donald Kipkorir, another city lawyer termed Muigai's interpretation as 'lazy, incoherent and false on his Twitter account.

Already,12 NASA leaning counties have passed the People's Assembly motion with Machakos and Mombasa being the latest.

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