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Government provides water tanks in worst-hit areas of Balambala

Charles Ronald

Water tank distributing water. Balambala residents to benefit as government distributes water tanks. [Photo/Charles Ronald]

The Garissa County government has distributed water tanks

to worst affected areas following a prolonged drought that has hit various parts of the county.

Balambala MP Abdi Shurie said the government will provide water to ensure that the suffering brought about by the current situation is minimized as hundreds of families are in need of water and relief food.

MP Shurie said more than 30 water tanks will be distributed along the Garissa-Modogashe road adding that the tanks will be supplied by two large water bowsers.

He further said that the water will also be distributed to the worst affected locations of Nunow, Himbirey, Lago, Saka and Abdi Gab.

Speaking in Nunow, in Balambala, Mr. Shurie said most of the families who are herders have been forced to move to other counties in search of pasture and water and only the elderly, women and children have been left behind to fend for themselves.

“We will provide water in areas worst affected by drought. We will distribute water tanks in various areas to ensure that those still in dire need of water are reached.”

“The vulnerable family members like the elderly, women and children have been left behind to fend for themselves. Through this water supply programme, we will take care of the women and children left in the villages,” Mr. Shurie said.

The MP added that the county government is making plans to sink boreholes to provide a permanent solution to the perennial water shortage affecting the county.

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