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Governor Ongwae in trouble with hawkers

Dennis Chacha
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Kisii County governor James Ongwae. [Photo/Nation]

Kisii County Governor James Ongwae has been tasked to explain why the county was busy evicting hawkers.

The hawkers claimed that Governor Ongwae during the campaigns vowed to support their businesses but he was now doing the opposite. 

"Ongwae's government must respect hawkers because we are paying daily taxes to his corrupt government. It is illegal for the corrupt reinforcement officers to evict us from our places of work without notice," said Martha Mong'ina a hawker. 

"Governor Ongwae must come out and clearly explain where he wants us to go," she added. 

According to her, cartels had already purchased land meant for graves and asked governor Ongwae to build a market on it. 

Douglas Okemwa, faulted Ongwae for sending the reinforcement officers to destroy their products.  

"Ongwae must know we are residents of Kisii county and stop mistreating us using askaris. We have been evicted from our places of work without a legal notice. The county government must compensate all hawkers whose products were destroyed during the eviction," he said.  

The hawkers said Ongwae has until Monday to address their grievances failure to which it will not be business as usual.     

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