Garissa Governor, Ali Korane, has been accused of recruiting staff without conforming to the laid down constitutional procedures. 

It has alleged that over 100 senior and junior positions have been clandestinely filled, with the majority of it being occupied by form 4 graduates.

The county service public board and the recruiting agency of the county government are mandated on advertising, shortlisting and interviewing the suitable county employees.

The secretly recruited staff were alleged that they were neither shortlisted nor interviewed as required by the constitution. 

The Garissa- based activist, Mr. Khalif Abdi, has cautioned that should the governor let this shoddy recruitment to persist, the wage bill of the county might continue to balloon with little developments.

"We are concerned about the rate at which people are being employed in the county without following laid down procedures," said Mr. Abdi.

The activist further urged the Ethnic and Anti-corruption commission to probe this unprocedural recruitment going on in the county.

"Counties should not be run like private enterprises, EACC should investigate these recruitments,” said Mr. Abdi in Garissa on Sunday.

The Governor sacked over 2000 casual laborers and other employees, who were working for his predecessor's administration - Nathif Jama- when he immediately took the oath of office on the ground they were procedurally employed, bloating the wage bill of the county. 

The sacked employees have vowed to move to court to challenge the governor' s drastic action, but since did not succeed.