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Here’s fake news Governor Mutua wants Kenyans to ignore

Adonijah Nziwa
Machakos governor has denied tightening his security. [Photo/]

 Machakos governor Dr. Alfred Mutua has asked Kenyans to disregard claims that he has tightened his security after losing an election petition filed by Former Kathaini MP Wavinya Ndeti. 

The county boss took to social media to dismiss the news that he chose to increase his security detail following the ruling by the court. The governor said that he was annoyed by persons trying to mudsling him.

“What is happening to humanity? Some people must be really desperate to pull others down. Please disregard this fake news by idle propagandists, “he wrote on his official Facebook account. 

The governor has since moved to the Supreme Court to challenge the ruling of the Appellate court. He has also insisted that he will contest for the nation’s top seat despite the woes he is facing.

He asked the residents of the county to remain calm as he fights the ruling against him at the Supreme Court. 

“We are appealing this decision and in the meantime, I am still the governor of Machakos and I am the fifth president of Kenya, by the will of God. I urge the people of Machakos to remain calm as we work on this,” Mutua said. 

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