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How logging ban is affecting youths in North Rift

Dennis Chacha
Logging ongoing in a forest in the past. [Photo/Nation]

Several youths in the North Rift Region have been left jobless after the government banned logging in forests.

The youths said they have been forced to idle in villages because saw millers they had been employed in are no longer operating following the ban.

“We have been working in saw millers to fell trees others have been making timbers to sell and burn charcoal but since the government imposed the ban we have been left jobless,” said Dickson Kirui.

Job Ruto said that youths who have been working at timber yards have lost jobs because the yards have been closed down. 

“There is no timber to sale yards. Youths have been sent home due to lack of work because there are no saw millers working to make timbers to sell. We are appealing to the government to remove the ban and allow us to continue with our work because we depend on timber trade,” he said.

Ruto noted that if the situation continues more youths will join gang groups and this will increase crime in the region especially in Eldoret. 

“Idling youths will turn to be criminals. The government should remove the ban or engage the youths so that they don’t become desperate to join gang groups to start robbing locals,” he added.

The youths were speaking at Langas estate on the outskirts of Eldoret town on Tuesday.

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