Sex has many aspects. However, most people only know about penetration. Sex involves foreplay, masturbation and penetration. Any of the mentioned aspects of sex will make one reach their climax.

It is true a lot of men have problems achieving an orgasm or even helping a woman achieve one. A normal man is supposed to have at least 10 minutes of sex to ejaculate. However, some men go even up to 25 or 30 minutes without an ejaculation.

Inability to reach an orgasm is caused by many things. However, this doesn't necessarily mean you have a sexual dysfunction. One major factor that could be causing men not to reach their orgasms during penetrative sex is masturbation.

Masturbation is a big hindrance for orgasms during penetrative sex. The masturbation techniques men employ makes it difficult for them to be stimulated enough to orgasm. Men who masturbate using other objects (sex toys) hardly gets any orgasms.

This is much because his penis will develop that feel of only being stimulated when inside these objects and not the vagina. The amount of stimulation offered by these objects will be high above that which the vagina could offer hence making it difficult for them to be stimulated.  

The only way for these men to be able to reach orgasms when with a woman is through avoiding masturbation using sex toys. They also need to avoid frequently masturbating which makes their manhood get used to that stimulation from the hands and other objects.