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How men should retain arousal after climaxing

Ouru David
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It has always been a challenge to many men to remain aroused after the first orgasm. Many would fall asleep for more than 8 hours due to exhaustion.

There are various ways men can use to maintain arousal even after the first orgasm says Susan Quilliam, Sex and Relationship expert in her publication-The Joy of Sex. 

The following are ways suggested by the expert, men can use to keep themselves in the mood after the first orgasm.

Teasing your partner immediately after the first orgasm

The urge for sex normally goes away after a man climaxes. Therefore, the teasing will make sure you retain the desire before you take her for another round. 

This is because teasing helps create sexual tension that will eventually make you 'hungry' for more sex even after you climax.

Engage in vulgar and dirty talk with your partner

Nothing stimulates a man more than dirty talk. Men also get excited and respond well to dirty talk. It is preferable to keep yourself in the mood for a second round through dirty talk as you give her some light touch.  

This will, therefore, keep you in the mood even after the first orgasm.

Start kissing and touching her immediately

This can be done by slowly and continuously kissing and touching your female partner after the first orgasm. This will keep you partially aroused after the first orgasm. 

Therefore, by doing the above, it will ensure that you remain in the mood as long as possible.

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