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How men trap women into come-we-stay marriages

Amos kazimoto
Men usually trap a woman with a name of having his baby [Photo/]

Men usually trap a woman with a name of having his baby [Photo/]

Many men and women are always desperate of marriage. This may be due to pressure they get from home or from their friends. This has results to an easy trap from men. Here are the four common tricks that men use to trap naive women into these bogus marriages.​ 

Let's live together

Many men entice women with the idea of living together. Women fall to such traps in the name of saving cost of life. They don’t know that they are a hungry lion’s hand. In a months later,  they get pregnant and is forced to stay in the relationship. This may be unwillingly but for the sake of the child.

I need a baby

Men usually trap a woman with a name of having his baby. They know that a serious woman who really loves him will not deny having his baby. Women always melt their legs when their men tell them about having baby together. They see it as a gesture of commitment. Immediately after the child is born she is in a marriage not by will.

Introduces you to her relatives

It’s one of the most successful tricks men use to trap women. It’s a mouth watering trap that no woman can deny. Women often take this as a gesture of love and commitment. It makes them feel safe in love. Such introductions are usually done in informal settings.  

Weddings are expensive

Men who are in for come we stay will always complain about wedding. Whenever you talk about it, they say it’s expensive and also a waste of money. They will convince you that it’s prudent to avoid wedding cost. They will also convince you in the name of saving for the future       

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