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How money, phone led to deaths after Solai dam bursts

Wagema Felista
Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i consoles victims of the dam burst. [Photo/]

At least two people died in Subukia dam floods when they rushed back to their houses to fetch out a phone and cash.

Neighbours narrated how a middle-aged woman defied advice and sprinted back to her house to get out cash.

“She said she was going back to collect the money and would return immediately since she could not imagine losing it. However, as soon as she got to the house, she was met by the waters. She didn’t survive,” a neighbor was quoted saying.

“We had warned her not to risk her life but she insisted that she had to get out her money, “another neighbor said.

Another neighbor narrated how a teenage man defied his friends and went back to get his phone.

“He said he could not imagine losing the contacts of a girl she had recently met. He went back to pick the phone but was unlucky as he was overpowered by the raging waters,” the neighbor said.

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