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How to be a better girlfriend

Joy Karimi

A happy couple. (Photo/kamdora)

Being in a relationship is fun. But it is up to you to decide how you will make your relationship work. Striving to be the better party in the relationship will rekindle it every day, as well as motivate the other partner. 

Herein are some of the things you can do to be a better girlfriend in the relationship.

Don’t be over dependent. Don’t ask your boyfriend for everything- airtime, shopping money, clothing, transport money etc. Show your man you can be dependent. Pay your bills, your tax money and do your own shopping.

Show him that you love and care. Guys also want to feel loved, appreciated and cared for. Call him. Don’t always wait for him to call. Reach out and get to know how his day is so far. Leave love notes for him. Buy him gifts! Yes, do for him the good things he does for you.

Be neat and look beautiful. Your boyfriend wants to hang out with you looking glamorous! Wear that favorite dress he likes, wear your hair how he likes it. When you are out with him, be happy. Don’t frown, no matter what is going on between you.

Most important of all, minimize arguments. As much as possible, don’t shout back or yell at your boyfriend. Don’t be immature when it comes to solving issues between you.


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