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How to change sex positions without hurting your partner

Adonijah Nziwa
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Your probably have heard about different subjects such as better orgasms, how to increase the penis, why shower after sex and others. How you are going to move during sex will make the session better or not. Many people do not know how they should be moving whenever they are making love to their partners. Here is a guide on how to move when having sex.

1. Understand ways your body wants to move

Do not go against the will of your body. Think about the most comfortable ways you can move whenever you are making love to him or her. Dancing offers the best comparison on how to move in bed.

2. Practice on your own

 It is wise to do some practice before that time comes. Practicing will enable make great moves in bed. There are certain moves that might end up not working. Find it whether the move you are about to make will work or not before taking any step over the same.

3. Mirror Your Partner

 Do not do it alone. Allows mirror your partner’s moves while making love. You need to move in a synchronizing manner. Think of the moves your partner is about to make before making any decision.

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