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How to get pregnant easily

Kevin Ondimu
A pregnant woman. [Photo/Nation]

Any woman who gets pregnant becomes happy but for one to get pregnant easily in a natural way should do the following; 

1. Cut use of contraceptives A woman who wants to get pregnant should stop using contraceptives pills so that to allow the body to get prepared for pregnancy to take place. 

2. Look out when you are most fertile

Women usually ovulate 14 days after first day of the menstrual cycle. 

During this period women are fertile thus convenient to conceive. 

Doing sex during this period also increases chances of women to get pregnant.

3.  Test for pregnancy

 If a woman misses her periods, she should test for pregnancy and if the cycle continues, have sex because during such times the fertility levels are high. 

4. Relax 

A stresses woman is likely to miss getting pregnant because stress affects ovulation cycle. 

A woman should be stress free anytime she wants to get pregnant. 

5. Observe a healthy diet Foods a woman eats can also boost the ability of a woman getting pregnant. 

Rich protein foods can help one to get pregnant easily. 


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