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How to spot a man with small penis

Lovely Mueni
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For ladies, getting a man with a big penis is like hitting a jackpot and a woman owning a man with a big penis is a happy one.

Here are ways to spot a man with a tiny penis:

1. Dramatic

A man with a small 'machine' will make a mountain out of an anthill in any issue. Whether you're not in the mood for sex or going out with him, he will think it's because of what he owns downstairs. These kind of men are bitter with themselves and will cause drama even in small issues. They've got unwarranted jealousy and think their ladies will leave them for a bigger penis. They will smell you when you're five minutes late and doubt your explanation as to why you didn't pick their calls or call back.

2. Concentrate on their appearances

These men will hit the gym and leave women salivating over their six packs, later to get disappointed once you try to find an erection. But don't get it twisted, not all men who hit the gym are small-penised.

3. Like to pay off

These men will work a lot and invest more to confuse ladies so that they don't concentrate on their tiny third legs. They will pay your taxi, do your hair, issue expensive gifts and vacations to drive your attention from the undersize package.

4. Players

Nothing hurts a woman than being players, but nothing hurts a woman more by being played by a man with a small penis. That's a double shame, showing the whole world what you settled on. However, small penised men fail to keep them in their pants in a bid to show that their game is undeniable. They will hook up with lots of girls for sex to boost their ego and prove to themselves that they are worth more. They will try convincing you that having a small penis isn't the issue but knowing how to use it.

Now, you are good to go in your search for a bedmate.

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